General controls

Provide information for Sentinel to learn from (warning: this will completely overwrite previous information): /teach <info>

Add more information to Sentinel's knowledge base: /teach-append <info>

Show all current information: /lessons

Custom Commands

Create custom command: /setcommand <command name> <message>

Delete a custom command: /delcommand <command name>

Delete all custom commands (warning: irreversible): /delallcommands

Show all custom commands: /showcommands


/translate <text to translate> -<target language> For example - /translate how are you -spanish

Spam Controls

Create new spam instruction (warning: this will completely overwrite previous instruction): /teach-spam <instruction> OR /spam-teach <instruction>

Add new info to the spam instructions: /spam-append <instruction> OR /append-spam <instruction>

Show all spam instructions: /spam-lessons OR /lessons-spam

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