Explore some of our frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions, please get in touch through our Telegram channel!

Can I use Mirada AI for free? Yes! Our AI services are available for free and for paid users. Think of our free-tier as a trial for something even better.

What can I do with Mirada AI? You can generate images, animation, and audio. You can also chat with our AI to ask it questions and make your own AI assistant. We are also working on a new search feature that combines search & AI to give you more accurate and relevant answers faster. We are releasing new features all the time, make sure you're staying up to date!

Why is the team non-doxed? Our core team decided to remain anonymous to protect their privacy which we believe is keeping in the spirit of the decentralized space as many of the main blockchains today were founded anonymously, eg Bitcoin.

How can I access Mirada AI? You can access our AI via our Telegram & Discord bots, our web platform, and our third-party integration partners like Carbon Browser.

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